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My relationship with Tom Mack has spanned 20 years, 4 houses, 1 restaurant and 3 floods. So, with so much to say, I'll limit the superlatives and stick to the accomplishments.

The house projects have ranged from 3500 sq ft to 8000 sq ft, from quirky to stately , from knock-downs to overhauls.

For every project Tom's participation included:
  •      Overall conceptual planning
  •      Retention of architect
  •      Application for work permits
  •      Assistance with variance issues
  •      Budget submittals
  •      Constant budget reviews
  •     2x daily client meetings
  •     Numerous solutions for unique construction dilemmas
  •     A "how can we make it better" attitude
  •     An ucompromising position towards using only the best building materials
  •     The highest level of integrity I have ever experienced in his field
In April 2005, the second of three consecutive floods struck the Delaware River in Bucks County and along with it my restaurant The Yardley Inn. The final crest was 8 ft above flood stage - or knee-high in the dining room. My first call was to Tom Mack. His secretary said that during flooding events, Tom's first priority has always been to help those who are unable to help themselves and then he would call.

We met the next morning in the totally devastated 7000 sq ft restaurant. I told him I was very concerned about the business. You see, flood policies cover most damages but not business interruption coverage. We were on the eve of our peak season (April-May-June) not to mention our single largest weekend of the year- Mother's Day was a short 31 days away! After assessing the damage, he felt he could rebuild the inn in 9-10 weeks, but he would do his very best to reduce that figure. (See pictures in Flood Repairs)

33 days later we reopened.

And Tom took his wife to dinner at the Inn on the reopening night as a payback for not being home the previous 32 days.  

-- Bob Freed, owner, The Yardley Inn
After much research and interviews with a variety of builders, my husband and I chose Tom Mack Construction (TMC) help us with a 500 square foot addition to our home and to remodel our mudroom and kitchen. We could not be happier with our decision.

Construction began in June of 2008 two days after I, a teacher, finished with work for the summer. I had the unique experience of being on site during nearly every day. This gave me a view of the project
that not many homeowners experience. I was there to see all of the work being done. In addition, as an experienced “do-it-yourselfer” who was acted as a sub-contractor on small parts of the project, I can tell you that the work done on my home was first quality and no corners were cut.

Even though we would have loved to have had the luxury of moving out of our home while the work was done, our budget did not allow it. So we “camped out” for several months and the crew from TMC went out of their way to ensure that we would have access to as much of our kitchen as possible during construction. Their willingness to accommodate our needs made the six-month project bearable. In fact, they managed to allow us to have a stove, sink and refrigerator for all but about 10 days of our project.
On top of that – they went out of their way to ensure that the site was as clean as possible at all times.

While TMC wasn’t the least expensive builder we spoke to, other than a few budget items that we knew from the beginning would be additional, we never paid a penny more than had been quoted. This included those few items that ended up on our punch list. It was obvious that TMC’s number one concern
was our satisfaction.

Finally, we ended up choosing TMC because of its long history in the area. It was the best decision we could have made. We never had any problems with inspections because TMC knows the local building codes and what is required because of their long experience in this area. In the single instance where we
did not receive approval at the first visit, the issue was addressed and the inspector returned the next day. No delays were encountered.

As you can imagine, I would recommend Tom and his crew without reservation. Not only are they professionals who know what they’re doing, they are really nice people whose goal is to produce quality
work and a satisfied customer!

-- Page & Craig, Yardley, PA
 We had a very clear vision of how we wanted our addition to look and wanted it to feel as though it had always been there. Tom referred us to a local architect, understood our vision, and delivered the finished addition on time. The men on Tom's team executed the details precisely, and kept the site and the area clean.  We had a minor problem with one of the doors and Tom was terrific in communicating with the manufacturer and getting them out to make the necessary adjustment. Tom also managed the zoning and permit issues which is no easy task in Lower Makefield Township.  I would not consider any projects on this property without using Thomas J Mack construction.  The master bath is next on the list and we will be using the same terrific crew.

-- Janet & Art, Yardley, PA
We have used Tom Mack Construction for multiple projects over the years, always with excellent results.  Most importantly, Tom stands behind the work of his subcontractors and craftsmen.  His quality assurance gives us peace of mind.  

-- Maryanne & Rick, Yardley, PA

I just wanted to relay my sincerest gratitude for the work the other day on my staircase. When shopping around, your competitive pricing was what got you the job, however it was the quality of the work that has
made me realize you will be my contractor for all my future needs. I was highly impressed not only by your ultra-professional crew but also the excellent communication we shared throughout the process. I am still
amazed at how quickly you were able to tear down the spiral stairs and put up the new staircase. I was also extrememly happy about well the unit was cleaned after - a pet peeve of mine and a notoriously bad habit many contractors share.

-- Ben, Haddonfield, NJ

Thanks again for all your help. I am planning on using you for all my contractor needs and you will be the first point of recommendation for all my contacts when asking for a contractor.
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